Freitag, 17. Juli 2015


ON EVENINGS - I am a parent. Let me explain what that is. I spend a good many evenings at home and less evenings out. It's a common phenomenon: I can count on a few friends that live nearby that are parents too. They are at home too. Sometimes we meet and conspire. We trade secrets and tricks, we drink wine and invent reasons to be laid-back. I drink fast because I don't have a lot of time. Once I would have had the whole night to finish a drink. On my way home (and on my way to bed) the daylight might have shown first signs of taking the night's place. To think that that was my only curfew. My son just barely waits for daybreak to leave his bed in the mornings and as a consequence evenings are now brief installments. Sentences need to be written down and read back later or else forgotten forever. I want to be in bed in time. And I desperately need my son to be in bed in time. So I can quickly do something adult and then  go to bed too.

- "Quick, come in. He's not asleep yet."
- "And don't let him see you!!"
- "Mo-o-o-om!!!"
- "Go lie back down.
- <step> <step> <step>
- "Someone visiting? Where?"
- "Go back to bed darling, that was a dream."

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